This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 4: 5:00am-6:00am".

  • Mandy: So tell me, Tony. Two years ago, you put Michelle Dessler's life ahead of national security. You let a suspect escape, and you committed treason. Is she gonna do the same for you?

  • Charles Logan: I wish I was as confident as you are.
  • David Palmer: You need to be. Remain presidential. Demand nothing less than success from your people, and you will get it.

  • Mandy: Michelle, do you love Tony?
  • Michelle Dessler: Yes, I love him.
  • Mandy: Good. Because if I find out that you're trying to play me, the very first thing I'm gonna do is blow his brains out, and don't think there's anything you can do to stop it, because there's not.

  • Mandy: I see your men, Michelle. You lied to me, you bitch. You are not gonna take me alive. Got it? (car explodes)
  • Michelle Dessler: No!

  • Michelle Dessler (thinking Tony died): We decided we were gonna leave this... go somewhere and start again.

  • Mandy: Well, they're heading back in. Looks like my neighbors died for nothing.

  • Mandy: Do you really have what it takes to let me kill him while you're looking him in the eye?
  • Jack Bauer: Yes.
  • Mandy: I believe you.

  • Jack Bauer: (choking Mandy) Where is Marwan? (silence) That's what I thought... we're both professionals. You know I can get this information out of you, but I'm running out of time. We never get second chances in our line of work, but I'm gonna give you one. I have the power to give you a deal, signed by the President of the United States, that grants you immunity from past and present crimes. In exchange, you're gonna help me find Marwan and stop this warhead from hitting its target. You understand? (tightens his grip on her throat) Do you understand? (shoves gun in her face) You are either gonna help me now, or I will kill you.
  • Mandy: Show me the deal.

  • Howard Bern: I don't know.
  • Cheng Zhi: All we want is a name. A recorded statement naming the person responsible for what happened at the consulate.
  • Howard Bern: Then... then what happens?
  • Cheng Zhi: (gesturing) You will walk right out of that door.
  • Howard Bern: I meant... to him.
  • Cheng Zhi: As I said, all we want is justice.
  • Howard Bern: His name... is Jack Bauer.

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