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This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 5: 1:00pm-2:00pm".

  • President Logan: What the hell was your goal, Walt? Explain that to me.
  • Walt Cummings: We’re patriots, Mr President. We’re acting in the best interests of this country.
  • President Logan: How is any of this in our best interest?

  • President Logan: Jack, your experience could make a crucial difference in stopping them. Look, you and I have a complicated history and I acknowledge that. I’m not naïve enough to expect any personal allegiance from you, but I know your respect for this office and your concern for this country is just as great as it was when you served under David Palmer. I’m asking for your help, just until this crisis is over. I will reinstate you. I will give you all the support you need.
  • Jack Bauer: Mr President, you and I...
  • President Logan: Please. For God’s sake. We need to recover this nerve gas before it’s too late.

  • Jenny McGill: Why? Are you afraid I’ll embarrass you?
  • Lynn McGill: Yeah, I am.

  • Spenser Wolff: Thanks for getting me reinstated.
  • Chloe O'Brian: I only did it because I need your help getting Jack through a high security building, not because I forgive you, because I don’t.

  • Cal: You won’t hurt me?
  • Ivan Erwich: You’re not my enemy. Your government is my enemy. Hey. You have my word.

  • Jack Bauer: Trust me, you do not wanna go down this path with me.

  • Jacob Rossler: Go to hell.
  • Jack Bauer: (Punches him) That is exactly where I'll send you unless you start to cooperate.

  • Jack Bauer: By the time I finish with you; you’re gonna wish you felt this good again.

  • Edgar Stiles: I know that was hard, but you did the right thing.
  • Chloe O'Brian: Shut up, Edgar.

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