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This is a collection of quotes from "Day 5: 7:00am-8:00am".

  • Charles Logan: What is it, Mike?
  • Mike Novick: David Palmer's been assassinated.
  • Charles Logan: What? Where?
  • Mike Novick: Los Angeles. It just happened.

  • Chloe O'Brian: You know, um, arrogance doesn't turn me on. I've read that some women respond to it, but I'm just letting you know—I don't.

  • Michelle Dessler: I don't want to look back on today and realize I could have helped.

  • Michelle Dessler: You can handle the meeting on your own. (to Tony, final lines)

  • Chloe O'Brian: Jack, I know this isn't protocol, but please don't hang up on me! I need your help!

  • Evelyn Martin: You look beautiful, Mrs. Logan.
  • Martha Logan: I look like a wedding cake. (she plunges her face into the sink)

  • Martha Logan: I will have your family eating dog food out of a can! (to a Secret Service Agent)

  • Derek Huxley: Who are you?
  • Jack Bauer: Someone who's not supposed to still be alive.

  • Diane Huxley: You're scaring me.
  • Jack Bauer: Diane, do you remember this morning when you said that you trusted me? Right now, I need you to trust me.

  • Edgar Stiles: [Chloe] sounded strange when I talked to her.
  • Spenser Wolff: She always sounds strange.

  • Chloe O'Brian: It’s them! How did they find me?
  • Jack Bauer: I don’t think they ever lost you.

  • Haas: That's all I know. Now take me to a hospital.
  • Jack Bauer: Yeah…(steps back and shoots him dead)

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