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This is a collection of memorables quotes from "Day 5: 9:00am-10:00am".

  • Jack Bauer: Understand this, Bill—I don't work for you. Now, if you want my intel, fine, but we're doing this my way.

  • Martha Logan: Mr. Burke, you are going to give me that card within three seconds, or I am going to scream louder than any woman you've ever met in your life. (begins to remove her skirt) One…two…
  • Burke: Here's the card right here!

  • Martha Logan: Evelyn, stop apologizing. It's annoying. Besides, I got what I came for.

  • Bill Buchanan: You managed to rack up four protocol violations.
  • Chloe O'Brian: Well, it's a lot worse than that if you count agency dot codes. It's more like twenty-six violations.

  • Bill Buchanan: Were you able to identify the terrorists from the photos Jack sent?
  • Edgar Stiles: Still no matches on the watch list. I tried three different coding arrays.
  • Bill Buchanan: Did you try widening the parameters?
  • Edgar Stiles: If it was any wider, we could use the phone book.

  • Bill Buchanan: With all due respect Mr. President, we don't have time.
  • Charles Logan: Then talk faster!

  • Hostage: Please, I have a wife.
  • Anton Beresch: (engages hammer of his gun) So do I.

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