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This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 6: 12:00pm-1:00pm".

  • Marilyn Bauer: Jack told me what happened. Is it true?
  • Phillip Bauer: It's...complicated.
  • Marilyn Bauer: But it's true?

  • Jack Bauer: You don't want to make me do this, Gray.
  • Graem Bauer: We grew up together, Jack. In all those years, I couldn't make you do anything you didn't want to.

  • Jack Bauer: You will experience pain I can't even describe.

  • Graem Bauer: We're the same!
  • Jack Bauer: We are not the same! (then pushes Graem and chair to the floor) Do you want me to kill you?!
  • Graem Bauer: Do it!
  • Jack Bauer: I'm going to do it my way! (To Rick Burke) Four more cc's!
  • Rick Burke: I can't do that.
  • Jack Bauer: Pick up the syringe! Do it! Now!

  • Graem Bauer: Today wasn't the first day I tried to have you killed, Jack.

  • Phillip Bauer: You know what isn't fair? Us. You deserved a better family, Jack. All those years we lost? What I wouldn't give to have them back.
  • Jack Bauer: Me too.

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