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This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 6: 3:00pm-4:00pm".

  • Kozelek Hacker: Drop your weapon!
  • Jack Bauer: Let her go!
  • Kozelek Hacker: Drop you weapon or I will kill her!
  • Jack Bauer: If you wanted to kill her she'd be dead by now. Now drop your weapon, or I will use mine. (Hacker hesitates)
  • Jack Bauer: Do it! (Hacker lets Marilyn go and drops his gun)
  • Jack Bauer: (Hits Hacker) On your knees! Now! Hands on your head! Interlace your fingers! Turn around and face the fence!

  • Jack Bauer: How could I have been so stupid?

  • Marilyn Bauer: How do you know he won't betray us?
  • Jack Bauer: He wants to live.

  • Phillip Bauer: You may have seen my offer as a sign of weakness, so let me make it perfectly clear. If you don't give me Gredenko's location, I see no future in this family for you or Josh.

  • Store owner: Hell of a day, huh?
  • Morris O'Brian: Yeah, you could say that.

  • Jack Bauer: (Handing Marilyn his gun) Do you know how to use this?
  • Marilyn Bauer: No.
  • Jack Bauer: Point and shoot.

  • Phillip Bauer: I never meant for this to happen, Jack. I didn't have a choice. I don't know how exactly, but Gredenko found out about my role in David Palmer's assassination. So, he blackmailed me. Forced me to cooperate.
  • Jack Bauer: So it was Gredenko who had you divert some of the bombs the company was responsible for destroying.
  • Phillip: He's a radical nationalist. Told me that he wanted to preserve some of the arsenal, for the day when the Soviet Union would be reestablished. I believed him because I had to.
  • Jack: (angrily) When did you find out he sold the bombs to Fayed?
  • Phillip: Not until one of the bombs was detonated in Valencia.
  • Jack: That's the truth?!
  • Phillip: Absolutely. I've been looking for Gredenko ever since, so that I could find out what he knew about Fayed and stop all this. I'm a patriot, Jack. I never wanted any harm to come to this country.
  • Jack: You want to lie to yourself, you go ahead, but stop lying to me! You let all of this happen just so you could cover up what you did!

  • Jack Bauer: (Phillip is about to kill him) What are you waiting for?... Do it! Damn you!

  • Jack Bauer: My name is Jack Bauer. Who am I talking to?
  • Charles Logan: You must have exhausted all your options to find Gredenko.
  • Jack Bauer: Who is this?
  • Charles Logan: It's Charles Logan, Jack.

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