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This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 8: 10:00am-11:00am".

  • Chloe O'Brian: (about Jack Bauer) Either he'll find a way or die trying.

  • Jack Bauer: (to a cell phone salesman) I don't need the chargers.

  • Ethan Kanin: You covered up the Russians' involvement. That's grounds for impeachment.

  • Allison Taylor: You, you can't just abandon me like this!
  • Ethan Kanin: I'm not abandoning you, I'm listening to my conscience.

  • Dalia Hassan: My hand won't stop shaking.
  • Jamot: I'd be worried if it wasn't.

  • Dalia Hassan: Some people are so invested in their fear and hatred that peace is the most threatening thing they can imagine.

  • Jack Bauer: You've got a decision to make.
  • Cole Ortiz: What if you're wrong?
  • Jack Bauer: I'm not.

  • Ethan Kanin: This peace is no good. There's too much blood on this treaty for it ever to hold.
  • Charles Logan: We've both been in this game a long time, and we both know damn well that every treaty ever written had blood on it.
  • Ethan Kanin: Not like this.

  • President Allison Taylor: (while Dana is tortured) My fellow Americans and friends in foreign lands, I speak to you this morning with a heavy heart. The brutal and cowardly murder of President Omar Hassan was a blow to every civilized person in the world, and a stark reminder that the pursuit of peace sometimes comes with a steep price. President Hassan understood that, yet still had the fortitude to pursue a better tomorrow against so many odds. I join with the American people in mourning him, and every other innocent life that was lost during this crisis. But let it be known here and now: their sacrifice will not have been in vain. Peace must and will prevail, no matter the cost....No matter the cost, no matter the compromises. We have waited too long and worked too hard to allow this opportunity to pass us by. And that is why, in Omar Hassan's name, I am choosing to move forward with this historic summit, one that was made possible by the shared hopes and ideals of the IRK leadership, and will continue under its new leader: a woman of unparalleled courage and grace, who has been chosen by her people to carry on the mantle of her late husband. Dalia Hassan.

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