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This is a collection of memorable quotes from 24: The House Special Subcommittee's Findings at CTU.

  • Rep. Pauline Driscoll: Have you ever wrestled with Jell-O, Lieutenant Colonel?
  • Lt. Col. Kevin Newton: Ma'am?
  • Rep. Pauline Driscoll: You're slipping around the question—answering without answering. Please address the question again—this time in plain English.

  • Rep. Jayce Fulbright: According to your written testimony, you were taken into custody by the Secret Service at about 8:00 A.M. And you escaped their custody at around 8:10 A.M. Is that correct?
  • Jack Bauer: Yes, sir, that's the correct chronology.
  • Rep. Roy Schneider: Good Lord, that's faster than Houdini!

  • Jack Bauer: Sir, I regret most of the things I had to do in that twenty-four-hour period. But shooting Nina Myers is something I would be happy to do again.

  • Rep. Pauline Driscoll: For Nina Myers, it was either give up Jamey or risk her own exposure. No honor among spies, is there, Agent Almeida?
  • Tony Almeida: No, ma'am. No honor.

  • Rep. Pauline Driscoll: You were intimate with Ms. Myers, is that correct?
  • Tony Almeida: Yes, ma'am. It was a mistake—
  • Rep. Pauline Driscoll: A mistake! Then we have a consensus. That's what Agent Bauer called his alliance with Ms. Myers. I sometimes wonder what she thinks.
  • Tony Almeida: I'm sure Nina Myers has regrets. She got caught.

  • Jack Bauer: I leveled my weapon at Drazen's chest. He raised his hands to surrender. I stared into his eyes and the abyss stared back. I shot him.

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