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Rauf Alkaev was a member of Tateos Gadjoyan's arms-dealing organization.

Alkaev, along with Amorah Banovich, Manish Pajari, and Jack Bauer all accompanied Grisha Zherdev during an arms deal with Kenta Sashida. During the deal, several of Edoga Kanashiro's men ambushed Zherdev, killing him and several other members of Gadjoyan's gang. Alkaev and Pajari killed some of Kanashiro's men before he and the surviving members of Gadjoyan's group retreated to a safe house. After the group reunited, they later met Samuel Yeager, one of Miroji Jimura's associates, so they could figure out a way to retaliate against Kanashiro. Alkaev and the rest of Gadjoyan's gang teamed up with Yeager's commandos and assaulted one of Kanashiro's safe houses.

After they killed everyone at the first safe house, Yeager had Gadjoyan's gang attack another safe house, only to run into NCIS and JSDF officers. Alkaev and the others escaped custody and regrouped again later on so they could continue their work with Yeager and Jimura. Once Gadjoyan's gang fulfilled their end of the deal by assisting Jimura, Alkaev and the others escaped as Jimura's forces got into a firefight with Kanashiro's gang. Alkaev, Pajari, and Banovich waited for Bauer to rendezvous at Tomari Fishing Port so they could kill him after Gadjoyan found out Bauer was an undercover agent. Although Gadjoyan ordered them to kill Bauer, Banovich wanted him taken alive, much to Alkaev's suspicion. However, Bauer sneaked up on the group, and he shot and killed Alkaev and Pajari before they could kill Bauer. (Trial by Fire)

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