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Ray Dobyns was a portly small-time Mexican criminal during the events of Trojan Horse.

Trojan Horse Edit

When Ray Dobyns found out that his colleague Tony Navarro, a credit card fraud specialist (in reality, Tony Almeida undercover) was back in Tijuana, he paid him a visit at his hotel room. Tony offered $10,000 to Dobyns in exchange for information leading him to Richard Lesser, a cyber-terrrorist. Dobyns pretended to lead Tony to Lesser's location, but instead arranged for Tony's ambush and kidnapping at the supposed location. Dobyns subsequently arranged for Chechens to kill Tony's undercover partner, Fay Hubley, in their hotel room. When Tony escaped his captors, he located Dobyn's home, and killed everyone responsible for Fay's death, including Dobyns.

Live appearancesEdit

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