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This is a list of characters who were antagonists during 24: Redemption. The main antagonists were Sangalan rebels Iké and Youssou Dubaku, with their commander, Benjamin Juma, acting mostly behind-the-scenes. Juma's American ally, Jonas Hodges, is also a major figure in the rebels' coup, being the one to finance and empower the rebels.

Benjamin Juma R

Benjamin Juma, leader of the People's Freedom Army rebel group that targeted innocent civilians during Redemption.

People's Freedom Army Edit

American conspirators Edit

Jonas Hodges R

Jonas Hodges, head of a conspiracy among Americans to broker arms to Juma..

  • Jonas Hodges: American arms dealer who supplied General Juma; he ordered the death of Chris Whitley to ensure that there would be no leaks about his transactions
    • Nichols: businessman who laundered all of Hodges' illegal funds through Eritrea and Abu Dhabi with help from Chris Whitley before Redemption
    • Edward Vossler: the Secret Service bodyguard and driver of the First Son Roger Taylor, loyal to Hodges
      • Halcott: one of Vossler's men who restrained, interrogated, then murdered Chris Whitely
      • John Quinn: Halcott's partner who, along with Halcott, murdered Whitley

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