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Richard Helton played a police officer in 24: Legacy. His character can be seen walking with another officer at the Metro PD station parking lot when Eric Carter is brought in. This is Helton's first TV role.

Biography and career Edit

Helton has a Bachelor's degree in Public Safety Administration from Grand Canyon University, and a Master's degree in Educational Psychology from Northern Arizona University.

Helton served in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in Phoenix, Arizona, where he retired in 2006. During his time in the force, he served in the SW.A.T. Division as Crisis/Hostage Negotiations Commander, Canine Section Commander, the Firearms Training Section Commander, Patrol Sergeant, Canine Handler, and Detention Officer, among many others. Helton was also certified as a firearms instructor in numerous categories.

Helton currently works as an associate head coach and running backs coach at Walton High School, in Marietta, Georgia.

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