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This article describes Richard Walsh's activities prior to Day 1.

One Shot Edit

Walsh was the director of CTU Los Angeles when Jack Bauer joined the agency. Walsh sent Jack on his first mission to protect and debrief defected IRA member Moira O'Neal before she was taken in by the CIA.

Operation Hell Gate Edit

Nightfall Edit


Walsh in 24: Nightfall.

Walsh was in Langley, Virginia meeting Director Tony Webster with Christopher Henderson, then the Director of CTU Los Angeles. At that point, two years before Day 1, Walsh was the Southwestern Regional Director of CTU.

Veto Power Edit

During Veto Power Walsh was in Washington DC for a conference. However, when Jack discovered the upcoming assassination attempt on President Barnes in Los Angeles on the next day, Walsh joined in a videoconference with CTU, NSA, FBI, CIA and the Secret Service to learn of the threat. He was disappointed with Jack when it was discovered that Jack made a fatal error regarding the situation: Barnes would not be in Los Angeles on the next day.

Trojan Horse Edit

Vanishing Point Edit

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