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Rick Phillips was an FBI agent active during Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

Agent Phillips and his partner Harris were sent to accompany Jack Bauer and Nina Myers when they went to extract information from Nina's informant, Mamud Rasheed Faheen. Because Nina murdered Jack's wife, Teri at the close of Day 1, CTU Director George Mason feared that Jack would exact revenge on Nina. Part of Phillips' job was to ensure Nina's safety around Bauer during the mission. Outside of Faheen's store, after the FBI raid, Jack threatened Nina but Phillips and Harris drew their weapons on him.

When Nina slit her informant Faheen's throat on the plane, Phillips tried unsuccessfully to save him. When their plane was shot down, Phillips threatened to kill Nina if she didn't tell them the location of the bomb, but was ordered to stand down by Bauer. After crashing, Phillips was gravely injured, his right arm being severed, but implored that Jack see to Nina first. The Coral Snake soldiers who took down the plane found Phillips, the only other survivor, and murdered him.

Live appearancesEdit

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