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Rob Ho is an actor and stunt performer. He played a protester in 24: Live Another Day.

Biography and career Edit

Rob Ho has a Bachelor's degree in Housing & Development, specializing in Property Management, as well as Postgraduates studies in Law and Legal Practice. Before becoming an actor and stunt performer, he worked as a solicitor for six years. Ho also works as a landlord.

Ho has also been involved in martial arts since the 1980s, specializing in Traditional & Reality-Based Self Defence. Since 2006, he has ventured into Screen Fighting. In 2007, Ho became one of Zara Phythian's Original Screen Fighting Members. He is also a member of a competition rifle club.

Ho started his acting career in 2008, appearing in the film Furor: Rage of the Innocent, along with Pythian. After that, he also ventured into stunt performing and has worked on films like Skyfall, Kick-Ass 2, Now You See Me 2, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ho has also appeared on the TV shows Nature.

In 2015, Ho wrote and produced the film Landlord: Time to Pay the Rent, in which he also played the lead role.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Landlord: Time to Pay the Rent (2015)
  • The Search for Simon (2013)
  • Skyfall (2012)
  • Furor: Rage of the Innocent (2008)

Television appearances

  • Nature (2015)
  • Horizon (2015)

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