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Lieutenant Commander Robert "Bugbear" Burnett was the leader of a Navy SEALs team sent to recover two nuclear missiles from Somalia.

Burnett was beckoned by Bryan Young early in the morning, where he learned that a group of mercenaries had stolen nuclear missiles from a cargo ship. Upon learning this information, Burnett gathered a few other SEALs stationed at Camp Lemonnier and prepped for the mission to recover the missiles. A few hours later, Burnett and his team were flown to Somalia, where they were deployed in the ocean several miles from the coast. After swimming for several minutes, Burnett's team arrived on shore around 9:00am, where they immediately found the compound the mercenaries were using to inspect the nukes. However, they arrived hours after the mercenaries left, and the only clue they had were skid marks left on the road. As they probed the compound, Yant informed Burnett about several explosions coming from Berbera International Airport. Not taking it as a coincidence, Burnett and his team immediately headed for the airport.

Once there, Burnett's team found the place in disarray after Abigail Harper and Jack Bauer stormed the area and killed several mercenaries. As they were inspecting the airport, Beyer and Permenter spotted them, and Burnett's team was forced to kill all the mercenaries around them. When the area was clear, Burnett ordered Colberg to contact CENTCOM since they ran out of leads on where the missiles could be. Eventually they found out that the missiles were located in Burao, and Burnett requested for another chopper to fly them into the city. As they arrived, they discovered Maxwell Newbold and what was left of his mercenaries engaged in a serious firefight. Yant mounted the chopper's minigun and killed Newbold and his team. Immediately afterwards, Burnett told the pilot to land, and Burnett and his men stormed Sullah's garage and encountered Harper, who had secured the nukes.

While Harper later ran off to go chase after Bauer (who had been kidnapped by Russian agents), Burnett's team acquired the nukes and secured them within a Black Hawk chopper. The team boarded the chopper and evacuated the area moments later, where Oteri blew up the garage to eliminate any evidence of the missiles' presence. Burnett spent the chopper ride trying to figure out how the missiles even got to Somalia, but later disregarded his own questions and told himself that all that mattered was that they recovered the weapons. (Rogue)

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