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Robert Cochran is the co-creator of 24 (with Joel Surnow), as well as a former executive producer and writer.

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Robert and Joel also have created La Femme Nikita, and worked together with directors Jon Cassar and Brad Turner, along with writer Michael Loceff. Cochran and Surnow served as series consultants on that show. Prior to 24, Cochran wrote for JAG, where he met with Evan Katz, who was also a writer on that show and now is a writer on 24. Cochran worked with Loceff, Surnow, Turner, and Stephen Kronish on The Commish. Cochran currently is preparing a show with David Ehrman called Company Man (with Annie Wersching and directed Jon Cassar) and another show The Call with David Hemington for FOX. Cochran was an executive producer on both of these shows, neither of which was picked up.

Cochran will return to write for the 2014 24 event series 24: Live Another Day.

24 Celebration- Cochran, Surnow, Gordon, Cassar, Serrano, Itzin and Callery
Bob celebrating the success of Day 4 with Joel Surnow, Jon Cassar, Howard Gordon, Nestor Serrano, Gregory Itzin and Sean Callery.
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