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ASAC Rod O'Leary was one of the lead agents for the FBI field office in New York. He also sent Thomas Hadley out to find Jack Bauer while his office maintained the fallout from Day 8.

Rod O'Leary held a meeting with Hadley and debriefed him of the situation regarding President Hassan's murder. He also told him that his close friend, Jason Pillar, was killed. O'Leary then gave Hadley a new assignment: find and apprehend Jack Bauer so they could figure out more about the death of several Russian officials, along with what happened to Pillar and Charles Logan. Some hours later, Hadley's supervisor transferred a call to O'Leary, and the ASAC scolded Hadley for going behind his back and contacting Sal Jacobs. Furious, O'Leary told Hadley to find Bauer soon, or else he would lose his job. (Deadline)

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