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Rohypnol was an illegal drug that slowed the body's central nervous system, causing, relaxation, lowered inhibitions and memory loss, among other mental impairment effects. It was also known as "roofie", "rufie", "rope", "ropies", or "forget me". It was ten times more potent than Valium, and took the form of small white tablets. It was one of the most common "date rape" drugs, and colleges often warned young women about being unknowingly given it. (Findings at CTU)

Before Day 1Edit

Eli Stram had been charged with criminal sale of crystal methamphetamine and Rohypnol. Dan Mounts had been arrested on an adult charge of possession of Rohypnol with intent to sell. (Findings at CTU)

Day 1Edit

When Kim Bauer and Janet York went on a double date with Rick Allen and Dan Mounts, Kim believed that Dan gave Janet a dose of rohypnol as she was acting strangely. When she asked Dan what he had given her, he replied with "nothing she didn't want". Later, Dan told Rick that he should've given Kim a "roofie". ("Day 1: 1:00am-2:00am", Findings at CTU)

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