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Royal Air Force was a aerial warfare service branch of the British Armed Forces.

Day 9Edit

United States Air Force serviceman Major Shepherd led a U.S. military convoy in Kajaki Province, Afghanistan to transport two British officers back to their unit and arrived to their destination before 12.00 p.m. In 11:15 a.m. at Lower Heyford Air Force Base, First Lieutenant Chris Tanner was contacted by his superior, Shepherd, and admonishes him for not informing the RAF Command and revokes his weekend pass, making Tanner to stay at the base until further notice. Tanner hangs up in disbelief and piloting his MQ-1 Predator drone to provide aerial reconnaissance to the convoy. After finished his mission, he was about to fly the drone back to base when someone hacked his drone and he contacted Shepherd that the drone is locking on the convoy's armored vehicle and warned him to get his team to clear the area. Despite Tanner's frantic warnings, the drone fired a AGM-114 Hellfire missile to destroy the armored vehicle and killed two American airmen, including two British officers, instantly.

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