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Ruth Scott was the sister of Jenny Scott and was living their hometown of Rock Springs on Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

At about 05:46, Ruth was at home with her child. She was phoned by her sister Jenny (a Russian spy using the name Dana Walsh at CTU New York), who informed her that Kevin Wade found Jenny and was harassing her over the phone. Jenny asked Ruth if it was she who told Kevin about her whereabouts, but when Ruth insists she did not, Dana points out that Ruth was the only one who knows where she is. Ruth denied it again, and told Dana that she didn't even know Kevin was out of jail, and asked what he wants. Dana thought he wanted to expose her secret and ruin her career. She told Ruth she was about to get married, and Ruth replied that she cannot let Kevin ruin her life. Dana then confessed that she's scared that she might lose everything, and ended the call.

Live appearancesEdit

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