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Sadiq Khalif Fárah was a Somali pirate loyal to Osman Xasan Muhamad. He was Osman's second in command, and was a sadist who enjoyed the life of a pirate and killer.


Nineteen months after Day 8, Sadiq was part of the team that raided the Barataria cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden. He piloted the lead skiff, carrying himself, Osman, Ashkir, Dubad, Feysal and Yusuf. They boarded the ship with the help of Simon Dedrick, and Sadiq showed Simon his family being released from capitivity to goad him into leading them to the radio room. However, as Dedrick let them in, Sadiq shot him in the back of the head.

In the radio room, Sadiq destroyed the equipment with his AK-47 before taking the crew hostage. When Karl Rask's men appeared from below decks, Sadiq co-ordinated his men to take them out. He then interrogated the hostages to find out if there were any more men unaccounted for. He tried to find out the location of Callum Trent's money by executing Miguel Blancaflor, which caused the captain Markus Rohde to cave and reveal the location of Trent's safe. Sadiq had his men find tools and rip the safe from the wall, melting it open. However, inside the safe he could not find what he was looking for: the location of Rask's missiles.

He then interrogated Trent for their location, but Osman persuaded him not to kill the mercenary as they could find them through the manifest. Sadiq looked for the manifest but was stumped by the computer system. Osman tried, but Sadiq got the ship's cargo chief Dieter Stutzman to bring up the manifest. They then worked out the manifest was faked, and so Sadiq shot through Callum Trent's hand to find out where his laptop was. In torturing Trent for the laptop's password, Sadiq shot him dead causing the hostages to mutiny. Sadiq shot Rohde while Osman, Feysal and Abiid killed the remaining hostages.

Osman set Jibríl working on cracking the laptop and ordered all the men to guard him. Sadiq argued that there was no-one to guard against and they should be taking stock of their cargo, but Osman overruled him. In ordering Samir to ignore Osman, they realised some of their men were missing, so Sadiq ordered Samir to find the killer. After Jack Bauer, who was stowed away below decks, killed more men, Samir radioed the situation in. Osman ordered Sadiq to go with Yusuf and Hamal and find Jack.

Hamal was killed when Jack detonated explosives in hold 2, leaving Sadiq, Yusuf and Osman. They chased him above decks, wounding him in the process. Jack continued to take out their men leaving just Osman and Sadiq, who planned to kill Jack with a grenade. He planned to signal to Osman to cause a distraction, however before he could Jack found him and shot him dead. (Rogue)

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