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A safe house is an otherwise ordinary house or apartment that is used by law enforcement to hide civilians (for instance, witnesses in a trial) from attack.

One Shot Edit

Jack Bauer was sent on his first day at CTU Los Angeles to guard and debrief Irish Republican Army defector Moira O'Neal at a safe house in the Arizona desert. Nina Myers sold the location to Michael Donovan, who sent a hit squad there to kill O'Neal. Tim McGinnis and his crew killed the agents posted around the house before attacking it with flash grenades, machine guns, and a rocket launcher, killing everyone inside but Bauer and O'Neal.

Day 1 Edit

23033 Pine Canyon

During Day 1, Teri and Kim Bauer were moved to a safe house on Pine Canyon after being rescued from Ira Gaines. They were attacked there after Nina Myers gave the location to her employers.

Day 7 Edit

Main article: Buchanan safe house

During Day 7, Bill Buchanan based his operation to expose corruption in the government from a safe house in Washington, D.C.

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