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Sal Jacobs was an agent of the National Counter Terrorism Center.

As Thomas Hadley and his team were looking for Jack Bauer, Hadley called Jacobs so he could acquire more information about where Bauer was heading, along with Bauer's associate, Chase Edmunds. However, Hadley went behind his supervisor's back to get the Intel, and both he and Jacobs were chastised and put under scrutiny from their employers. Jacobs later called Hadley and told him about the situation, but Hadley continued to press Jacobs for more information. After acquiring an image of Bauer and Edmunds driving through Missouri, Jacobs informed Hadley of where the two men might be headed. He also told Hadley about Benjamin Rydell, before giving Hadley the cell phone number based off the picture St. Louis had of the fugitives. (Deadline)

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