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Sam was the highest ranking worker at the Wilshire Gas Company during Bierko's invasion during Day 5.

Day 5 Edit

Sam was approached by Vladimir Bierko and his Dawn Brigade terrorists after they infiltrated the gas plant. Bierko demanded that Sam lead him to the main control room. To let Sam know they were serious, Bierko's accomplice Mikhail shot one of his co-workers. Shortly after, another terrorist killed a second co-worker after he warned Sam not to cooperate with Bierko.

Sam then assisted in lowering the pressure of the natural gas flow out of Wilshire to allow Bierko to mix nerve gas in with the natural gas to infiltrate people's homes. He hid under a table when CTU agents stormed the control room and engaged Bierko's men. Afterwards he was evacuated with the rest of the workers by Curtis Manning as the plant began to explode.

Live appearancesEdit

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