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Sam Collins was a Catholic fundamentalist priest living in Los Angeles.

Before Trinity Edit

Collins, along with Father Frank, sexually abused Aaron Biehn as well as other boys, in the past.

He was also part of Mulrooney's fundamentalist sect, and had an operation to insert C-4 into his arm in preparation for an attack on the life of the Pope at the Unity Conference.

Trinity Edit

Don Biehn went to kill Collins after discovering about the abuse, but he was abducted by Michael Shalhoub before he could do so. All he was able to do was smash a window, which Collins found and assumed it was his gardener, therefore deciding to take the advice of his neighout Melanie and hire a new one.

In the early hours of the next morning, Harry Driscoll arrived at Collins' house, knowing him to have been one of the molesters. He convinced Collins to admit to the abuse, and arrested him. Michael observed the whole encounter, and decided to follow Harry. Harry was abused by Michael and Pembrooke whilst transporting Collins to the station. Collins was killed, but before Michael could kill Harry, police cars arrived, forcing him to retreat.

Several hours later Driscoll had an autopsy conducted on Collins, where he discovered the C-4 implemented in his arm. It was this discovery that allowed Jack Bauer and Driscoll to stop the other bombers at the Unity Conference.

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