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Sanders was an LAPD officer on duty during Day 1

Day 1Edit

After having escaped from Secret Service custody to save his family who were kidnapped earlier, Jack Bauer was on the run and was contacted by his wife Teri who stole the cell phone from her guard. Nina and Milo managed to trace the phone to a latitude somewhere north of the 10 freeway, but it will take more time to find the precise location. While driving on the freeway, Jack asked Teri to give more specific details, but he was pulled over on the highway by Sanders and his partner Jones, who were LAPD officers patrolling on the highway to help to find the fugitive. Just as the cops were about to approach Jack's car, he sped off. Sanders and Jonya called for back-up and a search for Jack was initiated, in which another officer located Jack's empty car, radioing this information in.

Background information and notes Edit

  • The character's name can be seen on his nametag.

Live appearances Edit