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Dr. Sanford was a physician at the CTU medical clinic during Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

Dr. Sanford took over the care of Maya Driscoll after an error on the part of Dr. Mark Kaylis almost killed her. Sanford gave Maya a sedative but she resisted the drug; a nurse then had to physically restrain her. When Director Erin Driscoll came in, she asked Sanford and the nurse for a moment with her daughter. Maya became only more unstable: she rejected her mother and embraced Dr. Sanford, demanding that the doctor make Erin leave.

He later called Director Driscoll when Maya continued to act violently. Eventually, Maya took her own life by cutting her wrists with a piece of a mirror which she broke; Dr. Sanford closed her eyes after Erin saw what happened.

Live appearancesEdit

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