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Sato was the pilot of Sunrise International passenger Flight 35 during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

As Sato was preparing to land SRI-35 at JFK International Airport, he received a new runway assignment over the radio. He believed it was Northeast Air Traffic Control, but in fact it was Masters, a man working for Tony Almeida who had hacked into the air traffic communications. Sato's new flight path put his plane in danger of colliding with Global Skies Airlines Flight 117, but he was completely unaware of this. Sato landed SRI-35, but as he taxied on the runway, Flight 117 approached. Almeida called 117's captain at the last moment and ordered him to pull up. Sato ducked in surprise as he sensed the near-collision, but his flight was unharmed in Almeida's demonstration of power to the government.

Live appearancesEdit

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