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Simon Dedrick was the third mate on the Barataria ship, captained by Markus Rohde, that was used to transport Karl Rask's weapons.

At some point while he was at sea, an accomplice of Osman Xasan Muhamad named Bassar broke into Dedrick's home in Pretoria and kidnapped his wife Elaine and daughter Karla. Osman then contacted Dedrick and extorted him into helping a group of Somali pirates board the ship in exchange for his family's safety.

During the raid, Dedrick communicated with the pirate skiffs via Morse code signalling. He dropped the accommodation ladder over the starboard side of the ship, before radioing the second mate, faking a man overboard on the port side. After Osman and the pirates boarded, Schupp demanded that his family be released. Osman agreed, showing Dedrick a video feed of them being released on Sadiq's phone, so Dedrick led the men to the radio room and unlocked the door for them. However, as soon as he did Sadiq shot him in the back of the head. (Rogue)

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