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Sivuyile "Siv" Ngesi (born October 18, 1985; age 31) played Thomas in 24: Redemption.

Biography and career Edit

Sivuyile Ngesi was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Ngesi became interested in acting from an early age, and at ten years old was already touring Asia performing in Les Miserables.

Ngesi began his professional acting career in 1997, with a role on an episode of The Adventures of Sinbad. After that, he has appeared in shows like Outcasts, The Shores, S.I.E.S., and Strike Back (with Rhashan Stone).

24Redemption Siv and Kiefer

Ngesi with star Kiefer Sutherland

Ngesi has also appeared in films like Invictus, Natale in Sudafrica, and Copposites. He is also a comedian, singer, and dancer. Ngesi speaks English, Xhosa, and Afrikaans.

Role on 24 Edit

Ngesi played the role of Thomas, a young man that helped Carl Benton at the Okavango School in Sangala, Africa.

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