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Captain Soltsin was one of the Spetsnaz operatives sent to Somalia to capture Jack Bauer.

Soltsin and the other agents arrived in Sana'a, Yemen so they could be debriefed by Irina Corleeva about their mission to find Bauer. After discovering he was spotted at Berbera International Airport, Soltsin and the agents flew to Hargeisa, not wanting to attract the attention of the SEAL team that had been deployed in Burao. The operatives drove to Burao and waited until the SEAL team took out Maxwell Newbold and his group of mercenaries. Once Jack Bauer was alone, the Spetsnaz agents attacked and kidnapped Bauer. The team drove to Hargeisa International Airport, but before they could take off in their plane, Jiro Chu sabotaged the plane's electronics system. With no other option, Soltsin and the other operatives headed to one of their safe houses in Hargeisa. As they waited for the plane to be repaired, Major Danko decided to waterboard Bauer in order to get confession out of him, as opposed to taking him to Russia for imprisonment. After realizing that Danko was on the verge of killing Bauer, Soltsin called Dmitry Markoff behind Danko's back and informed him of the situation. Markoff told Soltsin to relieve Danko of command and to take over the interrogation.

When Soltsin confronted Danko, he threatened to kill Bauer, and Soltsin and the others had to restrain the major. During the scuffle, Bauer managed to kill Danko, and Soltsin quickly tased Bauer and knocked him out again. Soltsin questioned Bauer once he woke up again, and he found out that Bauer murdered Mikhail Novakovich and his entourage purely out of revenge for the death of Renee Walker. Soltsin and the other operatives were about to leave the safe house when Abigail Harper attacked them. While Titov and Yakunin were killed, Bauer and Soltsin got into a fierce fight inside the house. Bauer managed to free himself and escaped the safe house, where he regrouped with Harper. Soltsin chased after Bauer and tried to kill him, but with Harper's help, Bauer managed to incapacitate the Spetsnaz agent, seconds before he shot Soltsin in the head. (Rogue)

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