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Specter was the leader of the mercenary group trained by McLennen-Forster.

Day 4 Edit

Taking orders from Dave Conlon, Specter landed by helicopter and went with his team to kill Jack Bauer and Paul Raines, who were hiding in a store owned and defended by private citizens Safa and Naji.

Upon hearing that Jack was a federal agent, Specter voiced his hesitation, but Conlon told him he'd personally fabricate a cover story in which Jack had sided with the terrorists and dragged McLennan-Forster into it. Jack fired a warning shot across Specter's nose as he approached the store, but he and his men still attacked.

Soon after he entered the store, Jack quietly emerged from a clothes rack with a knife and killed Specter by stabbing him through the back of the neck.


Specter in Jack's crosshairs, who aims to miss

Live appearancesEdit

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