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Stanford Shepard was a newscaster and anchorman for Fox News. Shepard was a close friend of CNB host Maureen Kingsley.

On the day of the California primary, Shepard was among the members of the press covering Senator David Palmer's breakfast rally at the Santa Clarita Power Plant, where Palmer went off his speech script right before there was a disturbance in the hall and the Senator was rushed out of the building.

In the aftermath, Shepard contributed an essay entitled "Three Little Words" (in reference to Palmer's interrupted "Seven years ago...") for Marc Cerasini's report on the House Special Subcommittee's investigation. Shepard explained how Palmer had actually been about to disclose his son Keith's involvement in the accidental death of Lyle Gibson, and that the "government agent" Jack Bauer who was arrested at the breakfast was not ordered to assassinate the Senator as part of a conspiracy, but was actually foiling the real assassin from carrying out the hit. The piece touched on the since-revealed motivation for the assassination, the mission that targeted Victor Drazen, and expressed unease at Palmer's willingness to circumvent the law to have him eliminated. Shepard closed by revealing, for the first time, that Maureen Kingsley had first broken the story about Keith Palmer and was coerced into hiding the story and resigning from her position, and suggesting that Fox News offer her a job. (Findings at CTU)

Background information and notesEdit

  • Shepard jokingly asks whether Palmer's America is a nation of laws or "an HBO crime family," in reference to the 1999-2007 HBO series The Sopranos.