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Sunil Malhotra (born October 20, 1975; age 41) played Habib Marwan's pilot during Season 4 of 24.

Biography and career Edit

Sunil Malhotra was raised in Skokie, Illinois. He is of Indian heritage. He graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, with a double major in Theatre & Drama and Telecommunications. After working on stage for some time, he moved to Los Angeles.

Malhotra began his acting career in 2001, appearing in the film American Desi (with Rizwan Manji, Anil Kumar, and Kal Penn). After that, he has appeared in films like Cross Bronx (with James Badge Dale), Ball & Chain (also with Kal Penn), Indian Cowboy, and Fair Game.

Malhotra has also starred on shows like ER (with Daniel Dae Kim and Maury Sterling), Half & Half, The West Wing (with Janeane Garofalo and Stephen Root), and Dr. Vegas (with Tom Sizemore and Michael Cudlitz). He has also voiced many characters for animated shows and video games.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Sister Cities (2016)
  • Happy Feet 2 (2011)
  • Fair Game (2010)
  • BBQ Bill (2006)
  • Call Center (2005)
  • Conviction (2005)
  • Indian Cowboy (2004)
  • Ball & Chain (2004)
  • Cross Bronx (2004)
  • American Desi (2001)

Television appearances

  • NCIS: New Orleans (2015)
  • The Legend of Korra (2014)
  • Cold Case (2008)
  • ½ Hour News Hour (2007)
  • Help Me Help You (2006)
  • Dr. Vegas (2006)
  • The West Wing (2006)
  • Half & Half (2005)
  • Century City (2004)
  • ER (2004)

External links Edit

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