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This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.

Surinder Sharma was the caretaker of the Sun Villa bungalow in Aram Nagar, and the father of Dev Sharma.

Surinder's son Dev organised a party at Sun Villa and invited Jhanvi Gupta and Kiran Rathod. When Trisha Rathod was looking for Kiran, she found out that she had left with Dev, so asked Nikita Rai to get the details of Dev's father. Nikita gave his number and address, but Trisha could not get through. She and Kartik Chandrashekhar (posing as Jhanvi's father Abhay) started to make their way to Surinder's house, but en route got a call from Kiran so decided to go back to wait for them. ("1:00am-2:00am")

Background information and notes Edit

  • Surinder is based on Mr Nowrasteh from the original series.