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Susan Cole was the wife of William Cole, who was infected with the Cordilla virus during Day 3. He was cheating on her at the Chandler Plaza Hotel, and was symptomatic when he came into contact with her.

Day 3 Edit

Susan was asleep at home when her husband William returned around 6:00am. Claiming he had been at an all-night client meeting, he went into the bathroom where he first began to bleed from the nose.

When CTU learned Cole's identity with the help of Kathy McCartney, his one-night stand, agent Chase Edmunds quarantined the Cole house and questioned Susan about where William had gone. Susan was less frightened to learn about the virus than infuriated to realize that he had been cheating on her once again.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Although William was symptomatic when he returned home, Susan may have had an immunity to the virus, like Michelle Dessler, and lived. Susan's fate is unknown.

Live appearancesEdit

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