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Dr. Susan Y. Collier was a surgeon who worked at St. Mark's Hospital.

Day 1Edit

After Janet York was brought into the hospital after her car accident, Collier led the surgery to treat York's injuries. During the procedure, as they were attempting to stop the internal bleeding, Janet went into cardiac arrest and Collier, with the help of an anethesiologist and a surgical nurse, managed to stabilize her.

At around 5:40am, she explained to Janet's father that she had suffered multiple fractures but there was no sign of spinal injury. Jack Bauer asked if he could ask her some questions, and Dr Collier said that was upto her father. He asked to go in first, and she accompanied him to Janet's room and allowed him to go in alone. However, the man was really Kevin Carroll disguised as Alan York, and he suffocated Janet. ("5:00am-6:00am")

Background information and notes Edit

Live appearancesEdit

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