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Suzie Quintz was a columnist for the tabloid Around Washington.

Quintz wrote an article entitled "Spinning Sherry" about Senator David Palmer's official announcement that he and his wife Sherry were divorcing after twenty-five years of marriage. Quintz opened by remarking on the rarity of a bachelor President, saying that the only example in recent memory was Michael Douglas' fictional one in The American President. Quintz wrote a satirical dating profile for Palmer, and suggested that he could appear on a TV game show to find a new girlfriend.

Quintz said that Sherry was leaking the "truth" of what happened between the two of them to her closest friends, similar to what Princess Diana did during her divorce from Prince Charles. The article went on to discuss the prominent rumors circulating about the cause of the split, including theories that:

  • Sherry caught David and campaign worker Patty Brooks flirting, leading him to dump both women and hide it from the press.
  • Sherry criticized David's confession to the press about the Lyle Gibson cover-up.
  • David resented Sherry colluding with chief of staff Mike Novick to manage his campaign behind his back.
  • David had intentionally let the press believe he was killed in the hotel bombing to milk the publicity, forcing Sherry to leak the truth to the media. (Findings at CTU)

Memorable quotesEdit

  • (writing a dating profile for Palmer) Tall, sexy ex-basketball player and leader of the free world looking for intelligent, sultry policy analyst. I'm just a regular guy who likes state dinners, congressional breakfasts, and sleeps next to the red button that sets off my big thermonuclear device.