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Swofford was a Secret Service agent active during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Secret Service agent Swofford, along with Jack Bauer, Molly O'Connor, Nabeel, and many other agents, were ordered to escort IRK President Omar Hassan out of the United Nations building. Swofford was waiting in the tunnel under 3rd Street and directed the group to an SUV where Dalton and another agent were waiting. He radioed Dalton to tell him the President was on his way, however as they walked Bauer ordered them back because of a possible threat. As they walked back, Adrion Bishop's commandos attacked and Swofford dived for cover. A gunfight between the commandos and Secret Service ensued, with the SS agents unable to stop the commandos from following the President as he escaped.

Background information and notes Edit

  • After the gunfight starts, Swofford is not seen again, so it is unknown whether he survived the shootout or not. It is possible that stunt performers John Meier or George Colucci were meant to be doubling him during the fight, however both performers were seen earlier playing characters in their own right.

Live appearancesEdit