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Sergeant Major T.J. "Teej" Andrzejczyk was a Firethorn mercenary working for Maxwell Newbold.

Andrzejczyk was one of the mercenaries in the Firethorn convoy who guarded the nuclear missiles they stole from the Barataria. Once the missiles were at the Firethorn compound, Andrzejczyk and Newbold discovered that the missiles had been damaged, in large part due to Jack Bauer. After assisting Pilar Sánchez in inspecting the missiles, the two informed Newbold that it would take a few hours to repair them, and Andrzejczyk told Newbold that they would be late in their delivery. Once the missiles were repaired, Andrzejczyk and the other mercenaries headed to Berbera, where they defended the convoy when Bashir Ćawil Hanad and his soldiers tried to steal the missiles. After Jack Bauer and Abigail Harper stole the missiles from the mercenaries, Andrzejczyk and the others followed the duo to Sullah's garage, where they waited for Osan Hadid Kamal to smoke the two out of hiding. Andrzejczyk started to get worried, expressing to Newbold that they could face repercussions if they took too long to reacquire the missiles. When Harper sneaked out of the garage and killed Kamal before he could kill Harper and Bauer, Newbold order Andrzejczyk and the rest of the mercenaries to storm the garage and take back the missiles. During the assault, Burnett's SEAL team showed up in a Black Hawk helicopter, and Andrzejczyk, along with what was left of Newbold's team, were all gunned down by Yant. (Rogue)

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