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Tadashi Enogawa was an undercover JSDF officer.

Tadashi was spotted in a warehouse by Jack Bauer and Amorah Banovich shortly after Grisha Zherdev and his men were killed during an arms deal. After Banovich subdued Tadashi, she told Bauer to kill him, but Bauer kept him alive for interrogation. Bauer and Banovich took Tadashi to an abandoned building and started questioning him. After Banovich stabbed him in the shoulder, Tadashi revealed that he wasn't working for Miroji Jimura, and was actually an undercover agent. He later explained that he was working in Jimura's organization for almost a year alongside the American military. Shortly after he guessed that one of Jimura's rivals ruined his arms deal, Banovich shot him in the head. (Trial by Fire)

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