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Ted Packard was the ex-husband of Dr. Anne Packard. He lost his company when they developed a faulty pharmaceutical drug.

Day 3Edit

On Day 3, Ted claimed that Anne lied about her involvement in the development of their pharmaceutical drug. This was used by John Keeler in the presidential debate to attack David Palmer for his relationship with Anne.

Ted merely wanted money, however, so Wayne Palmer suggested that they pay him off. David was eventually convinced that this was the right course of action, but after Anne spoke with him, he told Wayne to call it off.

Later in the day, Ted called Anne saying that he has evidence that will clear her name. She goes over to his office to pick up the evidence, and while she was there, she spots a gun. Ted explained that the gun is for himself. Anne attempted to talk him out of his suicide attempt. He replied, saying that if he gave her a few more minutes, she might actually be able to convince him. He ignored her pleas and shot himself in the head with her still in the room.

Live appearancesEdit

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