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This is a list of characters who were antagonists in 24: The Game. The main antagonists were Max and Peter Madsen, who started a chain of attacks on the United States, with the ultimate goal being to steal nuclear weapons and sell them to Middle East terrorist groups.

Max terror cellEdit

24 THE GAME- Max betrays Radford

Max, the mastermind behind the events of The Game.


Peter Madsen, Max's second-in-command.

Max: German arms dealer who was responsible for the events of Day 2 and also masterminded the events of The Game; shot by Jack Bauer

  • Peter Madsen: high-ranking mercenary-terrorist and employed by Max; killed in explosion caused by Jack Bauer
    • Sid Wilson: Madsen henchman who was killed for insubordination
    • Robert Daniels: manager of the plot to assassinate Jim Prescott; tortured by Jack Bauer
      • Rodriguez: mercenary working under Daniels; killed by Jack Bauer
      • O'Neil: mercenary working under Daniels; killed by Jack Bauer
      • Bradley: mercenary working under Daniels; killed by Jack Bauer
      • Carr: mercenary working in the plot
    • Dave: sentry working for Madsen
  • Joseph Sin-Chung: second-in-command to Madsen; impostered Lee Jin Yu in a successful gambit to attack CTU
    • Eddie Cain: performed a diversionary chemical weapons attack
    • Sonny: Sin-Chung henchman
    • Virgil: henchman hired by Sin-Chung
  • Governor James Radford: a conspirator working with Max
  • Mandy: a mercenary working with Max who took out Radford and escaped


See alsoEdit

  • Lee Jin Yu: a man who was killed in advance of the plot, prior to The Game, to prepare for the attack on CTU