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General Thomas was United States Army officer in service in Washington, D.C., during Day 4.

At 12:30am, General Thomas reported to President Charles Logan in the Presidential bunker that a nuclear warhead had been stolen from a convoy moving through Illinois by terrorists working for Habib Marwan. President Logan was extremely disconcerted and spoke with Mike Novick immediately after. ("Day 4: 12:00am-1:00am")

Some time later, Thomas was present while Logan, Novick, and Walt Cummings debated whether to authorize the interrogation of Joe Prado, one of Marwan's associates. ("1:00am-2:00am")

Background information and notes Edit

  • The actor who appeared as Gen. Thomas is wearing a uniform that indicates he was a commander in the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Live appearancesEdit

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