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Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Wade was a Marine stationed at Camp Hensen and one of Dale Connelly's friends.

Wade greeted Connelly in the morning while he was drinking coffee at Connelly's desk. After being asked, Wade informed Connelly that most of the Marines had left to go to Connelly's retirement party, much to his irritation. The two Marines talked for a moment before Wade promised him that some work would be done before noon. Wade was later approached by Saburo Genko and his men while they were disguised as groundskeepers. He let them enter the base's premises before he returned to the main building. Just as he entered, Genko slipped inside and attacked Wade before he held him hostage. After Genko found his computer's password, Wade tried to escape, only to be knocked unconscious. Kioshi Jahana then ordered Genko to eliminate him, and he broke Wade's neck. (Trial by Fire)

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