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Tico Wells played Karris on 24. His film roles include The Five Heartbeats, Universal Soldier, The Relic and Bram Stoker's Legend of the Mummy.

Biography and career Edit

Wells began his professional acting career in 1984, appearing in the TV film Summer. After that, he has appeared in numerous films including Universal Soldier (with Simon Rhee), Trespass, Drop Squad (with Eriq La Salle), and The Relic (with Tom Sizemore, Thomas Ryan and Ned Schmidtke).

Aside of films, Wells has appeared in TV shows like Bones (with T.J. Thyne), ER (with John Prosky and Larry Sullivan), JAG (also with Prosky), Waynehead, Law & Order, and China Beach (with Jeff Kober and Scott Lawrence).

Role on 24 Edit

Wells played the role of CTU agent Karris during Season 1 of 24. Karris was one of the agents that went to the Port of Los Angeles after Jack Bauer went and killed the Drazen family. He appeared in just one episode and was credited as a co-star.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Forgiveness (2015)
  • Who Killed Soul Glow? (2012)
  • Sister's Keeper (2007)
  • Big Ain't Bad (2002)
  • Final Payback (2001)
  • Legend of the Mummy (1998)
  • The Relic (1997)
  • Drop Squad (1994)
  • Trespass (1992)
  • Universal Soldier (1992)
  • Mississippi Masala (1991)
  • The Dream Team (1989)
  • The Passing (1985)

Television appearances

  • Bones (2012)
  • Family Guy (2009)
  • ER (2004)
  • Waynehead (1996-1997)
  • Martin (1995)
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990)
  • The Cosby Show (1987-1988)

External links Edit

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