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For years in the production of 24, please refer to the production timeline.

The timeline of 24 has never been pinned down. The creative team behind 24 has resisted placing any season in any specific year; moreoever, the few date references given tend to conflict with each other, as well as with real life.

According to Evan Katz, the time frame of 24 is intentionally vague and undefined, with each season effectively taking place in the "perpetual now" — that is, each episode takes place at the corresponding time of day on whichever day the viewer watches it. References to the current date in the series — for example, the date visible on a cell phone screen — are usually not coordinated, and sometimes reflect the actual date and time when the scene was filmed.[1] The star of the show, Kiefer Sutherland, has also stated on various occasions how the show has been set as an alternate take on today's world, which further helped explain the show's various references to real-world events (corrupt oil businessmen in Season 2, Middle-Eastern terrorists, and Blackwater-type private contracting companies in Season 7).

That said, each season is said to take place a certain number of years or months after the previous one, allowing the approximate timeline of events below.

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  • 3 months pass


Sample timeline Edit

If Day 1 were set in March 2002, the seasons and major events of 24 would take place in or around the following months:

On the above (speculative) timeline, the Presidents on 24 served for the following terms:

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  • Jack was 49 during Day 7 and (according to the Day 6 Debrief) his birthdate was February 18, 1966. This places Day 7 in 2015-2016, placing Day 1 during 2002-2003.

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Birthdays Edit

A number of characters on 24 have specific dates of birth. Owing to the inconsistency of the timeline, these do not always line up with their stated ages.


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