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Titan Publishing Group is a London-based publishing house specializing in licensed media tie-ins. It is divided into two major departments: Titan Books and Titan Magazines. Titan also runs the Star Trek and Star Wars fanclubs in the United Kingdom.

Titan BooksEdit

Titan's book division publishes TV and film reference books and tie-in novels, as well as graphic novels, comic reference books, and art books. Titan Books is responsible for 24: The Official Companion: Seasons 1 & 2, 24: The Official Companion: Seasons 3 & 4, 24: The Official Companion: Season 5 and 24: The Official Companion: Season 6.

Titan MagazinesEdit

Titan's magazine division publishes magazines and comic books. Titan Magazines is responsible for 24: The Official Magazine, as well as fan magazines for such titles as Lost and Alias, and the general fanzine Dreamwatch. Titan Magazines also publishes comic titles for such licenses as The Simpsons and The Real Ghostbusters.

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