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This is a description of Tony Almeida's actions on Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

8:00am-9:00am Edit

Just after 8:00am, Paula Schaeffer approached Tony, now CTU Chief of Staff, and said that she arranged his intel briefings in two different ways because she was unsure how he liked them presented. He said that he didn't care either way, then called George Mason over. Paula began to tell him about how she ordered upgrades on the SIM software and he told her it was fine and to leave. Tony then told him that Division wanted a meeting the following month about LAX security upgrades. Mason said he was still at CTU in a year to "take me out to the woodshed and shoot me". He complained that he should be in Washington DC by now (as per David Palmer's promise in Day 1) rather than dealing with "old ladies who set off metal detectors with knitting needles". Tony said he arranged the meeting for the 15th.

Michelle Dessler gave Mason a note from Eric Rayburn's office and he went up to his office with it. Tony asked what the note said and Michelle explained that the NSA wanted CTU to bring Jack Bauer in. Michelle - expressing interest in Jack - asked about his status, and Tony confirmed that he was inactive. Tony tried to call Jack, saying that he left messages everywhere, but Jack refused to answer. Later, Michelle approached Tony and showed him a file on his system sent from the Central Intelligence Agency that said that all information was on an information flow advisory: all intel received had to be inter-agency. Tony told her to call Lindauer and Grothy; despite it being their day off, they had to come in. He also told her to start filtering everything that came in.


Tony greets Jack Bauer at CTU Los Angeles

Mason called a meeting with all department heads, where he said that he got off a call with NSA and Division in which he learnt that there is a nuclear bomb under terrorist control in Los Angeles set to go off within the day. He told everyone not to communicate with anyone outside of their security protocols. After the meeting, George was taken aside by Tony, who said that he had still not contacted Jack. Mason said that NSA got hold of him, and Tony questioned why Jack could help with this situation. Mason said it likely had something to do with one of his previous covers.

Tony soon told Paula to open another socket for him, and to go see Mason in the conference room. However, Paula sat there unresponsive. After a few moments she said that she cannot work well under pressure, and suggested brining someone else in. He said that no one knew the system as well as her, and that she should take things one task at a time. Paula agreed, and left. Moments later, Jack arrived at CTU. Tony saw him, and went to greet him as everyone else stared. Tony took him to the conference room, where Mason was waiting. When Jack learnt of the threat, he was uninterested to help, and tried to call Kim to get her out of the city. She did not listen to him, and after hanging up Jack tried to leave CTU. Tony tried to convince him to stay, saying that he was a background match and it was the only reason he was called in. He told Jack that they could find Kim faster than he could, the best thing he could do for her is to find the bomb, and that "it's not before". Jack refused, and walked out.

As Tony was chastised by Mason for letting Jack out, Michelle tried to cool the situation. Mason said they had to call NSA and explain the situation, but before doing so Jack arrived back and said that he wanted Knoll or Grothy to go and pick up his daughter and take her away from the city, with regular updates about her status from Tony because he did not trust Mason. Mason agreed, but said that he would have to start trusting him. Tony left to organize Kim's safe pickup.

9:00am-10:00am Edit


Tony questions why Mason is leaving CTU

Tony approached Paula and asked if she had a Division update, but she asked if they should be working from outside of Los Angeles. He told her to try to forget about that. Mason then called him over and said that they had a lead: some smugglers who were trying to get two Middle Eastern men across the border from Mexico used the same markings as some of CTU's suspects. They were heading for Culver City, and the only person in that area was Roy Grothy, who had been sent to pick up Kim Bauer. Mason said that Grothy was doing nothing as Kim wasn't there, and said to send him anyway. He assured Tony that he would send someone over there while Grothy was away. Tony looked displeased as Mason left.

As part of Jack's cover as "Jack Roush" with Eddie Grant and his men, Tony, Michelle and Paula had to upload some fake records of Jack so it would be convincing to the men in case they did a background check. However, the terrorists began to access the data before the CTU team had properly uploaded everything they needed to. Paula asked if Tony had uploaded backlogs about Gainsville, but he said he did not yet have the proper clearance codes. Paula realized she would have to forge the server portal and hope that the gang do not look too closely at the data. Luckily they got the data up in time and Jack's cover was secured.

Tony caught Mason just as he was walking out of the office, and Mason told him that he was going to Bakersfield to follow up on a lead; something he had to do himself because the office was short-handed. Tony reminded him that an agent named Peter was assigned to Bakersfield, but Mason said he had reassigned him. Tony accused him of trying to get out of the blast radius, and Mason berated him for second guessing a superior's decision.

10:00am-11:00am Edit

Tony called Mason when he was a short distance out of the city, telling him that he had just been in contact with Steve Lawler from District who had a vehicle match with someone on their watch list. As Tony had told Lawler that Mason was on his way to Bakersfield, Lawler told him to have Mason check in on the suspect, because he did not trust LAPD's judgement. Mason unhappily agreed to follow up on the lead.

Tony got a call from Kim Bauer, Jack's daughter, who according to Michelle sounded "pretty freaked." Kim explained that she spoke to her dad but he hung up on her, and she was in trouble. Tony said that Jack was on a job, and offered to help. She said that she had the police after her, but as she tried to explain her innocence there was static interference on the line. He told her he would send someone to get her, but she said that she could not stay where she was. He told her to come to CTU and they would straighten everything out, and she agreed. They hung up, and Michelle told him that there was bad static on all phone lines. Paula informed them that she tried a filter and it did not go; she thought that it might not be the CTU systems. Tony told her to call the phone company to sort it out, and then to switch all priority calls to wireless protocol.


Tony realizes that Paula is still in Mason's office

At 10:15am, Tony got a call from Eric Rayburn from the NSA, who told him to copy and transfer CTU's database of information on the nuclear threat onto the NSA servers. Tony asked why he had to do that, and Rayburn said it was a precautionary measure that had to be completed by 11. Tony said that he would not be able to complete the task till noon at the earliest, but Rayburn said that he had to do as he had been told, and hung up. Tony approached Paula and said that he had to take her off SIM analysis because she had to transfer all data relevant to the nuke threat onto NSA servers. She said that she would have to use Mason's office, and to open a new encryption code. Tony told her to do whatever she had to. Michelle was curious as to why such an order had come through, and Tony told her to look into whether Rayburn had issued the same order to all other agencies. Tony soon found out that CTU was the only agency the order was issued to.

Mason called Tony and told him that the lead was real; it was a lab where they may have assembled the nuke. Tony asked about the nature of the radioactive material found, and Mason said that they were still doing field analysis. He told Tony that they had the bodies of three terrorists, and he would send CTU photos of their fingerprints. Mason tried to hang up, but before he could go Tony told him that NSA had ordered him to back up all of their data about the nuke onto their servers. Mason said to call Chappelle who could look into it further. Mason excused himself from the call, and hung up.

Just before the end of the hour, Michelle told Tony that a man named Cam Strocker wanted to see him about some men who want to blow up CTU. She showed him points that supposedly had charges set around the building, and Tony ordered an evacuation, realizing that this was why NSA wanted CTU to transfer their data. As Michelle began to evacuate the building Tony got a call from Special Assistant to the President Lynne Kresge, who told him of the threat. Tony argued that the NSA knew a half an hour ago, and questioned why CTU was not contacted. Lynne told him to just make sure everyone got out. Tony hung up and began instructing people out of the building, including Agent Powers who he told to go and make sure people down the corridor were getting out. As everyone was getting out, Tony noticed Paula still in Mason's office. He ran up to get her down, and she said that she was almost done with the encryption. Tony insisted that she had to leave, but Paula said that she could not lose the data. He pulled her out of the room and down the stairs just as the bomb went off. They fell down the stairs, but were amongst the survivors of the disastrous attack.


In the aftermath of the attack, Tony helped people out of the building. An injured Luke was struggling and as Tony and another staffer assisted him, Michelle ran up to them. He told her to take Luke and set up a triage, and she left. Tony then found Paula Schaeffer trapped under some rubble. He told her to blink if she could hear him, which she did. He promised to get her out, and asked a rescue worker about the best way to do so. He told Tony that a crane would be too dangerous because it could lead all the rubble to come down on her, and the best way to do it would be brick by brick. Tony reluctantly began to take the rubble away to free Paula.

Tony soon called Mason to tell him about the attack, but LAPD officer Arroyo answered. He insisted to speak to Mason, and he eventually got through. Tony told him of the attack on CTU and said that there were nineteen dead, twenty wounded and seven missing. All of their intel on the nuke was transferred to the NSA servers, but Paula was the only one who knew the encryption code and she was in bad shape. Mason told him to call the NSA and get them to decrypt the files, but Tony told him that he already did that. Tony asked when Mason was returning, and he admitted that he was not sure he would return because he was not in a position to help out. Not knowing about Mason's condition, Tony chastised him for not helping when a nuclear bomb could go off at any moment.

When Tony went back to help unearth Paula, part of the structure on top fell through on top of her. Michelle approached him and told him that Jack had called: he had found Wald and wanted Mason to know. Tony said that Mason was out, and Michelle should report directly to the NSA. Michelle also said that Jack had asked about Kim. Tony then remembered that he had told Kim to come to CTU. Worried that she was there at the time of the attack, he told Michelle to check the security logs to see if she was in the building. She went to do so.

When Paula was eventually freed, a paramedic told Tony that Paula was haemorrhaging internally. He said that unless she was taken to the ER she would bleed to death. As she was being taken away, Mason arrived and demanded that Paula be brought back to consciousness so that she can tell them the encryption codes of the files sent to the NSA. Tony said that someone else could find the files, but Mason reminded him that Paula was the only one who knew the code and if she had to be taken to surgery and put under anaesthesia, it had to happen after they got the code. The doctor said that he could give Paula epinephrine to temporarily raise her blood pressure level. Mason instructed the doctor to do it.

Michelle questioned Tony why Paula was still at CTU despite being freed from the rubble and needing urgent medical treatment. He said that it was Mason's call, and he wanted to revive Paula so she could give them the encryption code to get the files from the NSA. Michelle was outraged that Mason was willing to let Paula die but Tony sided with Mason; Paula was the only one who could retrieve the information, but he still was clearly upset that she was going to have to die. Michelle tried to apologize, but Tony said that he was the one who brought her to CTU, and if it wasn't for him she would not be in this situation. He said that all she ever wanted was to work at CTU, and she barely even got a chance to do so.


2x5 Tony w Richards

Tony arrives with Richards at the Warner household to interrogate Reza Naiyeer

Mason noticed Tony leaving, and asked him where he was going. Tony said that there was an LA connection to Syed Ali, the perpetrator behind the day's events - Reza Naiyeer. Mason said that he needed Tony to stay at CTU, and tried to order him to do so, but Tony said that Ivers and Appell were dead, and there was no one else to send. He told Tony to make sure he was reachable, and allowed him to go. Tony arrived at the Warner household, asking for Reza. He said that he just wanted to ask a few questions. Bob said that it was all a misunderstanding, but Tony said that he had the authority to interrogate Reza and unless Bob was willing to show him, he was happy to find Reza himself. Bob told Kate to go find Reza. He then asked Tony what was going on, and he said that all he could tell Bob was that it was a matter of national security and he was hoping Reza could help.

Tony questioned Reza about his responsibilities as chief financial officer of Warner Enterprises. Reza tried to get away, saying that he needed to return for preparations for the wedding. Tony insisted that he sat back down which, eventually, Reza did. Tony asked if he knew Syed Ali, which Reza insisted he did not. Tony questioned why Ali's name had come up in Reza's personal computer files, and Reza was unable to respond.




















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When Mason sends an agent to investigate some foreign passports, that may be connected to the terrorists, Tony is furious to hear Mason sent the agent who was supposed to pick up Kim. CTU is unable to locate Kim, and Tony claims that George broke the promise he kept to Jack. Tony also begins that George is ignoring his job and worrying about his own being, when Mason goes to leave LA. With Mason out of the CTU office for the next several hours, Tony becomes in charge, and Michelle Dessler serves as his second-in-command.

After receiving orders from District, Tony sends Mason to a location that may have some possible terrorism connections. Tony then receives an order from NSA, to transfer all of CTU's files on the current investigation to NSA servers. When Tony learns other CTU units didn't receive this order, he relays this with Mason, who informs Tony about finding the production site of the bomb. Tony then learns from a telephone programmer that there is a bomb inside CTU, and the worker got the information from Jack. Tony then orders an evacuation and has everyone run out of the building.

When Tony realizes that Paula Schaeffer is still in Mason's office, finishing the transfer of files to NSA, he runs upstairs in an effort to save her. The building then explodes, but luckily the bomb only did minor damage to CTU. Unharmed, Tony digs to find Paula and he finds her unconscious under a girder. Tony then calls Mason and requests for him to return to CTU and do his job, but Mason refuses to return. Tony lashes out at George, feeling he is being selfish by trying to save his own ass.


Tony and Michelle Dessler have a moment.

Eventually George returns to CTU, and he disagrees with Tony's decision to send Paula immediately to the hospital. Paula has a low chance of survival and Mason makes the decision for her to remain at CTU, and finish retrieving the case files, as she is the only one qualified for the job. Though Tony does not like the idea of putting Paula's life in their hands like this, he admits to Michelle that Mason made the best decision for the country.

Paula is able to retrieve all of the files, but she dies shortly after. Tony feels responsible and expresses his guilt to Michelle, as he was the one who brought Paula into CTU in the first place.

While Jack works on an undercover operation, he eventually meets with ringleader Joseph Wald and tells him he killed their partners. Wald looked himself in a panic room, in order to prevent Jack from obtaining information, but he eventually opened the door and gave Jack the information he need. Jack learned that the person to sell him the schematics of CTU was no other than Nina Myers.

Nina was brought to CTU and George Mason decide to interrogate her, though Jack requested to see her first. Nina taunted Tony, over her deceiving him during their relationship in Day One. With Mason back in charge of CTU, Tony decides to leave the building and follow up on a lead. Tony makes a connection between a Middle Eastern businessman and the terrorist CTU has been tracking, Syed Ali.

Tony is led to the Warner home, and Bob Warner insists for Tony to leave and come back another day, as it is his daughter's wedding day. Tony refuses to leave, and he interrogates Reza Naiyeer, who is engaged to Bob's daughter, Marie. Although Reza claims his innocence, Tony is reluctant to believe him, as Ali's name is all over Reza's computer files.

When Reza claims he is being racially profiled, Tony threatens to walk Reza handcuffed in front of Reza's parents if he does not cooperate. When Reza tells Tony that he only confirmed the money transfers for Ali, and that he was covering for Bob Warner, Tony is forced to interrogate Warner. When Tony briefs Mason about what he discovered at the Warner house, he asks Tony to bring them in. Kate Warner and Marie decided to accompany their father and Marie's fiance to CTU.

Tony brings Reza and Warner into CTU, and Warner requests to speak with Tony in private. Warner claims that he is innocent and is working as a consultant for the CIA. When it is confirmed that Warner is working for the CIA, Tony doesn't know who to believe, as he has interrogated Reza several times and believes in his innocence. When George physically attacks Reza, Tony is forced to pull him off and he then has a heart-to-heart conversation with Michelle, assuring her everything will be all right in the end.

When Tony learns that Mason put Reza and Warner in the same room, he questions Mason on his change of attitude. Tony realizes something bigger is going on, and Mason confesses he was exposed to radiation when following up a lead earlier. Tony asks if anyone else knows about this, and Mason reveals only Jack knows. Though Tony has the authority to force Mason to step down, he is convinced Mason is fit to run CTU for the rest of the day.

When Jack informs Tony that he rescued Kate Warner at her home from terrorists, Tony begins to speculate that Warner's ties to the CIA might have something to do with it. Tony asks Michelle to open up a search of all of Warner's employees, as he tries to find out the connection between the Warner company and Ali. Michelle then confesses to Tony about her feelings for him, and Tony does the same. Due to his experience with Nina Myers, Tony agrees to go on a date if they survive the nuclear bomb crisis.

When Reza and CTU agents are found dead, Tony shares his suspicions with Jack that Marie Warner may be the one who is connected to Ali. Tony tells Jack to be more cautious, as Kate may also be involved in the conspiracy. Tony breaks the news about Marie killing Reza to Bob, and he lashes out at him, claiming Tony made up the story in an effort to get Bob to confess to something.

When Mason learns that Tony is working on Kim's location, Mason becomes furious and doesn't want Tony to divert attention from the terrorist threat. Tony insists he is keeping his promise to Jack and after Mason walks away, Tony continues on his search. Tony contacts Jack and tells him he still hasn't found Kim, and Jack pleads for him to do everything he can.

S2ep16 004

Tony watches the nuclear blast from a monitor.

Jack and Kate are able to capture Ali in an undercover operation, and asks Michelle to round him up. When Mason directs all units to Northern Airfield, Tony's order to Michelle is overruled and Tony is annoyed over the fact Division is trying to shut down the operation. After tech is able to uncover a number from burned files, Tony is able to give the location of a plane to Jack, with the nuclear bomb attached to it.

Realizing he is growing too sick to continue working as the director of CTU, Mason gives his walking papers and access cards to Tony and he is promoted to CTU Director. Once Mason leaves, Tony gives a speech of the new chain of command and about George's condition. Tony requests for all of CTU's employees to mourn for Mason once the current crisis is solved.

As the new head of CTU, Tony receives a suitcase full of Ali's belongings, that were found at his safe house. One of the objects is an encrypted hard drive, that holds conversations between Ali and officials from three Middle Eastern countries. Tony calls President Palmer and tells him that the three countries may of been responsible for funding the nuclear bomb to Ali. A liaison is then brought to CTU, and Tony is reluctant to trust Yusuf Auda, as he is of Middle Eastern descent.

When Jack decides to fly the plane, that holds the nuclear bomb, over the Mojave Desert, Jack begs for Tony to find Kim's whereabouts so he can say good-bye to her. When Tony gets Kim on the phone, he patches her through to Jack, and the two have an emotional farewell. Jack then contacts Tony again and tells him that Mason stowed away on the plane and decided to fly it, as he will be dead by the end of the day anyways. Tony has Michelle send a helicopter to pick up Jack, and moments after Jack parachutes out of the plane, the bomb goes off.

Tony tells Mason's staff of the gratitude he has for their work, and then Yusuf requests to be apprised of the investigation, but Tony differs with this. While Michelle interrogates Ali on the audio recordings, Tony has Carrie Turner confirm the recordings are legitimate. When Michelle claims that Ali confirmed the conversations never happened and they were fabricated, Carrie scolds her and Tony gives President Palmer both sides of the story.


Tony in CTU.

Michelle begins to pressure Tony to dig deeper into Ali's claims, but Ali is being deported to Guantanamo for more investigation and Tony is unable to comply. When Ali is assassinated when being escorted out of the building, Michelle feels this is proof the records were faked, but Tony is convinced the assassin was working for one of the countries. When Jack takes Michelle's side, Tony warns him to back off, as he is in charge of the investigation.

When Tony learns from Carrie that Jack is escorting Kate Warner out of the building, Tony tries to stop him by holding Jack at gunpoint. Jack manages to get a hold of the gun, and knocks Tony out, and escapes from the building. Tony injures his ankle and he informs Mike Novick, President Palmer's Chief of Staff, that Jack is on the run with their witness. Carrie then shares her suspicions with Tony about Michelle aiding and abetting Jack in the escape.

When Tony confronts Michelle about Carrie's theory, Michelle denies working with Jack and is convinced Carrie is making a career move. When Tony confronts Carrie and asks if she was lying, she tells him she saw Michelle and Jack speaking conspiratorially before he fled. Believing her, Tony agrees to have Carrie monitor all of Michelle's outside communications.

Carrie manages to find out that Michelle had access to satellite images and received a call that was not logged in. Tony asks Carrie to monitor what Michelle is working on, as he is convinced Michelle's satellite coverage will give him Jack's location. Michelle pulls over 100 different satellite images, and Tony confronts her about it. After more evidence arises, Tony confronts Michelle again and she confesses to working with Jack. Michelle connects Tony to Jack, and Tony asks Jack to bring Jonathan Wallace in, as he knows about the fabricated recordings. Jack refuses and is convinced he needs to do this investigation outside of CTU perimeter.


Tony argues with Ryan Chappelle.

Jack contacts Tony and tells him he has access to a microchip, that proves the Cyprus recording was fabricated with. Jack requests for Tony to contact the president and after talking with Michelle, and Tony does, but he is not able to confirm if the chip is authentic. When Tony continues to see tension between Michelle and Carrie, Tony calls Michelle into his office and learns about their past. Michelle reveals her brother Danny left his wife for Carrie, and she ended up leave him and breaking his heart. When Danny comes to CTU and attacks Carrie, Michelle is comforted by Tony and the two share a passionate kiss.

When Ryan Chappelle comes into CTU and takes over things, he tells Tony not to waste time locating Jack and the chip, as the military will strike against the three countries. Chappelle warns Tony to follow this order, or he will not remain in his current CTU position. Tony has Michelle locate Jack's movement and Carrie finds out. She threatens to tell Chappelle about it if she doesn't receive Michelle's job as CTU Chief of Staff. Tony calls her bluff when he tells Chappelle about Carrie's extortion attempt. Carrie insists on Chappelle firing him, but he insists on keeping Tony in the position, as he has nobody else to fill it in such a short notice.

When Tony learns the country is still in war mode, despite the president calling off the strike, Chappelle reveals that the order may be reversed when the 25th Amendment is put into play. Jack then contacts Tony and tells him that Peter Kingsley may be responsible for the recordings. Jack then provides whatever he can find on the damaged chip to Tony. After Tony tells Chappelle that Jack found the chip, Chappelle notifies President Jim Prescott. Tony and Michelle are unsuccessful in pulling data off the chip, but they learn Alex Hewitt was the programmer and they give his address to Jack.

When Jack finds Hewitt, he also learns that President Palmer's ex-wife, Sherry Palmer, was working with Hewitt and Kingsley. Tony has a helicopter sent to Jack's location to pick them up, but Chappelle overrules that order and has the helicopter come back. President Palmer then contacts CTU and asks Tony where Jack is. Tony realizes he may need to get dirty to help Jack and Palmer, and he has Michelle bring Chappelle to a holding room. There, Tony sedates him and orders for the helicopter to pick up Jack.


Tony takes over as CTU Director

Brad Hammond from Division calls and becomes suspicious when Tony tells him that Chappelle left the building. Tony then gives Michelle access cards and has her leave the building, so she can help Jack on the field. When Hammond arrives at CTU, he orders a lockdown and is convinced someone in CTU is working against Division's orders. Agents find the drugged Chappelle and they then find Michelle in her car. Hammond places both of them under arrest, but Tony insists Michelle was only following his orders, but she insists on taking the heat with him.

After regaining his strength, Chappelle asks for Tony and Michelle to put him back in contact with Jack. Tony only agrees to follow Chappelle's orders, if charges are dropped against him and Michelle. With a lot of pressure from high-ranking agents, Chappelle is forced to agree.

Tony is able to contact Jack and helps arrange the live feed and voice authentication. It is finally proved that the Cyprus recording was fabricated, and CTU agents were able to gun down Kingsley before he was giving the chance to execute an injured Jack. After the crisis ends, Tony orders for Chappelle to leave his office and he thanks Michelle for doing what she felt was best, even if it was against his orders. They both left the office, and Tony told her he was looking forward to seeing her in the office tomorrow.

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